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On this episode of Places To Go, we visit breathtaking Reykjavik, Iceland. Join host Matt Griffith as we explore this bucket list destination!

Places we visited:

Perlan and Ice Cave (https://perlan.is/en/exhibitions/glaciers-ice-cave/)
Reykjavik Art Museum Kjarvalsstadir (http://artmuseum.is/kjarvalsstadir)
OmNom Chocolate (https://www.omnomchocolate.com/)
Messinn Seafood Restaurant (http://messinn.com/messinn/)
Eldsmidjan (https://www.eldsmidjan.is/)
Reykjavik Fish (https://www.reykjavikfish.is/)
Uno restaurant (http://uno.is/)
Icelandic Phallological Museum (http://phallus.is/en/)
Blue Lagoon (https://www.bluelagoon.com/)
Travel Iron (http://mat.tg/travel-iron)
Air bnb rental (airbnb.com)
WOW airlines (https://wowair.us/)
Eimverk Distillery (https://flokiwhisky.is/)
Olgerdin Brewery (http://mat.tg/olgerdin)

Liqr.com host – AJ Schraeder

Produced by WorldTourism.com in association with IcelandTourism.com and Teurism.com.


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