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8 Tips For A Happy Flight

8 Tips For A Happy Flight

Many of us hate the idea of being stuck on a long flight. With a little planning, you can ensure that you and your kids have a pleasant and restful flight.

One of the best things to do on a long flight is to catch up on the television shows and movies you’ve been wanting to see. Download shows and movies to your devices before flight, since in-flight wi-fi is spotty and expensive! Besides, many won’t let you stream from in-flight wi-fi services.

We all know noise-cancelling headphones are essential… but some of us still can’t afford those prices.  One trick to block out the noise is to download a white noise track to your phone or iPod and listen to the track on repeat through your headphone or earbuds. It’s not fool-proof BUT it helps!

Still need to block out the world, but don’t want to wear a sleep mask? Just wear your sunglasses.  It dims the harsh airplane lights and makes it easier on your eyes, hopefully giving you the ability to relax and close your eyes for a bit. You can still easily see around you without having to take your sunglasses off, and people aren’t likely to bother you since they won’t be sure that you’re sleeping or awake.

Now that you’ve napped, wouldn’t you like to refresh? In a Ziploc bag, carry a dry washcloth. Ask the flight attendant for a cup of hot water. Pour the water into the bag (carefully!) and then wipe your hands, arms, neck and face with the hot cloth. It certainly helps to feel recharged and clean.  You can also refresh with baby wipes if you’d rather not deal with the hot water.

Speaking of hot water, wouldn’t you like a little snack? Instant oatmeal is great to carry with you! All you need to do is ask the flight attendant for a cup of hot water and then you’ve got a great healthy breakfast snack to help you through the day.

Beach balls aren’t just for the beach! Carrying one of these in your carry-on could prove very useful. You can use it as a footrest, back support, pillow, or even a lap pillow for your book or laptop.  The way you use it depends on how much you inflate it! Easy peasy!

Now let’s make the kiddos happy. Depending on their age, it could be easy to entertain them for the duration of the flight with a handheld video game, a movie, or a book.  If your kids need a little more to keep their attention, why not get crafty? Keeping their hands busy and their imaginations going will keep them happy.  Get a bag of pipe cleaners and let them twist and create to their heart’s content. You can make many fun things with pipe cleaners, and they’re inexpensive and quiet – a win-win when you’re traveling! 

Another great idea is to create a scavenger hunt ahead of time, or even on the fly. Your kids won’t be searching all around the plane, they’ll be searching through the different magazines to find the items. The winner of the scavenger hunt can get a cheap dollar-store toy that you’ve bought ahead of time, a piece of candy or a snack, or even money to use for souvenirs!

We love sharing our favorite Travel Tips!  What are some that you use? Be sure to share in the comments!

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